About Us

The Egypt Health association is a newly established NGO which have its strategic goal on Tobacco Control. The founders of the Association have many years of experience on tobacco control where Dr Hany Ragy is a well known cardiologist advocating for Tobacco control in the cardiology community. He has years of experience and collaboration with World Heart federation and conducted many studies, advocacy material, workshops and interviews on TC. Also Dr Wael Safwat is a tobacco control advocate since 2003 and worked with many NGOs and International organization to promote for passage of TC law in Egypt, monitoring tobacco industry, developing networks and consortium on Tobacco control. Dr Wael was the project coordinator of the Egyptian NGOs since 2009 and formed the Egyptian coalition for Tobacco control which worked on Bloomberg Initiative and cTFK projects from 2010 till 2012. Wael then joined the Union Middle East office and worked for 4 years as a coalition coordinator officer networking and fostering civil society involvement on tobacco control. Dr Wael is currently the project coordinator of the coalition for Tobacco control in Egypt and has many relations with national, regional and international organizations to foster tobacco control in Egypt.

The Egypt Health is currently a founder of the Non communicable disease alliance in Egypt along many other medical societies and organizations working on other types of NCDs: Chest disease, Diabetes Mellitus, cardiology and cancer societies.

In addition to other community based NGOs. One of the founders of the Egypt Health is a well experienced Expert on Electronic solutions which will help in the development of electronic solutions.